Video Production

Fusion prepares performance-focused Ultra HD digital video ads.

Video Ads

Runs your video ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

In todays digital age video marketing is critical for any kind of businesses either small or big. Branded content, commercial videos, promotional videos, testimonials, infomercial videos, Youtube and website videos are the greatest tools for the market purposes. Building brand awareness, boosting sales, explaining how the product works or promoting your campaign.

All these formats are the powerful tools for small and medium local businesses to promote their brand in the local market. By using our commercial video production services in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan you will receive a unique video to get people to know more about you. We use all our vast marketing experiences to produce one-of-a-kind promotional video helping with your business goals.

Digital Videos

Digital videos for your online marketing campaign. Tell your business, tell your services.

YouTube Videos

High effective YouTube bumper and YouTube pre-roll video ads. We prepare your video in 3 days.

Social Media Videos

Attractive social media videos for Facebook, Instagram and Stories. Get more followers, get more results.

Company Promo Videos

We transform your company presentation in to a 2 minute video. Tell your business more effectively.

Voiceover Services

We can make high quality voice over with our professionals all around the world in any language for your videos.

Facebook Videos

We display your ads to your audience on Facebook as a story and Facebook video.

Instagram Videos

We display your ads to your audience on Instagram Story and Instagram video.

Kickstarter Video

Are You Getting Ready To Create Your First Kickstarter Video?

We are here to help! “How to create a Kickstarter video?” is one of the main questions companies have when they want to start tor continue on this fascinating journey.

Fusion Films and its partner companies uses its vast marketing background and creative approach for developing the best idea for your company or brand. We offer video production services in Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area. We produce high quality and professional videos, fundraising videos, startup videos, business incubator pitch videos, and corporate video proposals.

Event Interviews And Testimonials

We produce high quality clients and customers testimonials and interviews to make the event videography more personal and engaging. We can build an interview set at any event venue to collect this valuable customers feedback or get your best speakers on the camera. Any video production for conferences in 2020 requires this very valuable tool as video testimonials reinforce credibility and trust.

Event Green Screen Studio Setups

From the setup to the wrap-up, our green screen video crew will assist you from Day 0 with the process of rigging the green screen and making it look perfect, the lighting of the set, creative input, bringing all the gear you need for your shoot, and delivering in a timely manner the footage you need. Green screen is a powerful tool to use in video production for conferences 2020.

Event Video Production Live Streaming

Fusion offers reliable and great quality live video streaming for all kind of event video productions such as trade shows, conferences, conventions, stage performances, concerts, galas, conferences, seminars, etc. You can now reach a wider audience than you could before and interact with that same audience as your event unfolds.

If you are looking for a product video production company for retail or Amazon product video service, you are in the right place. We have helped many online retailers make their e-commerce product listings on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy stand out with great product videos. This way they can boost their sales without spending too much time and funds on product video marketing.

Product Demo Videos

We understand the specifics of this kind of videos. The customer needs to see the product in detail, from different angles. For example, to understand the sizing of the item to see how it will look within an interior. Or simply how to install and use it properly. These product videos for Amazon or other e-commerce platforms also need to be compatible with both e-commerce and social media. So the explainer video production company needs to be pretty knowledgeable about how both of these factors really work. This includes formats, length, social media platforms restrictions, and best practices.