What is Fusion Film Academy?

Fusion Film Academy is a school focused on giving people of all ages a chance to make movies. Our goal is to introduce the process of filmmaking to all generations. By working in a creative and experienced environment, students will accomplish their dream of making a movie. Students will learn about acting, producing, writing, directing, casting, set design, lighting, and the craft of cinematography. Fusion will facilitate the full exploration of film production.

What ages do you accept?

Fusion offers a variety of classes for youth, adults, and seniors. Youth classes are offered for 7-11 years of age and 11-18 years of age for middle and high school students. The adult classes are offered for anyone over the age of 18. "Actor's Studio" and "Classic Movie Review" are designed for adults and seniors.

What is the time commitment for a class?

Schedules vary for each course. "Shorty" meets once a week for four weeks. "Lights...Camera...Action!" meets twice a week for six weeks. For more information regarding schedules and classes, please refer to "Class Schedules" under "Programs" on the home page.

What if I can't make it to class?

We design our schedules with a few absences in mind; however, the Lights...Camera...Action class does involve a definite commitment. It is vital that all students attend classes, location shoots, premiers and film festivals. If the student has a larger acting part, attendance will be imperative in order to facilitate the completion of the Short Film. Please communicate with our staff for special circumstances.

Are parents allowed to stay with their children during classes?

No, we do not allow parents to sit in on our classes. We do this for a few reasons; we believe that kids need to fully experience our program, and sometimes with mom or dad there, they may become a little shy. Also, we as directors have to act really silly sometimes--doing all kinds of crazy voices and movements, this can be just a touch embarrassing. Finally, we want parents of those with acting roles to see the transformation of their child into a character. It's a really great surprise that we want to remain just that, a surprise!

How can parents get involved?

We allow parents to participate in the production process by volunteering or just helping kids at home, and of course fully experiencing the excitement of our productions. Fusion is now in the process of forming an advisory committee to better serve students. If you are interested in more information please visit our Volunteer page.

What does it cost?

It breaks down to about $5/hr. The tuition is between $125-$250 depending on the production and the student's role. We prefer payment in full; however we are very flexible and can arrange a payment plan if necessary. This tuition covers 4-8 weeks of training. The tuition helps cover our business expenses and then goes right back into creating new productions for your student and others to experience.

Are there any additional costs?

We try to keep our costs as low as possible; however there are some additional costs. For all day shoots, the students are responsible to provide their own lunch or bring money for Subway. We do have offer an optional red carpet premier and we have a stretch hummer limousine and rent a theater at a local movie theater and show the final project up on the big screen!

Do you hold auditions for the acting roles?

Yes, our auditions are designed for students of all levels, experiences, and personalities. We pride ourselves at making people feel comfortable. We begin our auditions with a group activity to allow students a safe first expression. We have each actor begin with their name, school, and age. We then have the student repeat a few lines from the newest script. We want to get to know the student's comfort level and willingness to project, make eye contact, and use character voice. If at any time the student would like to pass we allow that... it happens a lot especially with the boys :) We do not require prepared material.

Does everyone get an acting part?

Yes, if they want one. Fusion Film Academy takes pride in the fact that we have never turned a willing participant away from a role in our program. The reason we have auditions is to build safe and successful accomplishments for students, giving them great acting experiences, and to help us with our casting process.

What will students learn?

The student will learn filmmaking skills as well as life and social skills. Actors will learn how to project their voice, eye contact, how to express with their hands, character voices, and how to implement the director's instructions on set. Our program includes people from all ages allowing them to learn how to interact with peers outside of their age group. They also learn responsibility such as the memorization of their lines, being accountable for props and/or costumes, and the operation of camera and sound equipment. They gain self-confidence by learning new skills and implementing them in a full-scale production.